Jerry O'Mahony Diner Company produced 2,000 diners from 1917 to 1941
with only four pre-war Art-Deco streamline style diners to still be in operation.
1952 Bishop's Fourth Street Diner Yelp Newport, RI
1103 1941 Collins Diner North Canaan, CT.
1926 Franks Diner Website Kenosha, WI.
1929 Frazer Diner Yelp 189 W Lancaster Ave. Frazer, PA.
1067 Mickey's Diner Website 36 W. 7th Street Saint Paul, MN.
1107 1939 Road Island Diner Website Oakley, UT.
Summit Diner Yelp Summit, NJ.
1946 Tastee Diner - Silver Spring Website 8601 Cameron Street Silver Spring, MD 20910
1951 Tastee Diner - Laurel Website 118 Washington Boulevard South Laurel, MD 20707
1935 Tastee Diner - Bethesda Website 7731 Woodmont Avenue Bethesda, MD 20814
1948 Triangle Diner Website 27 W. Gerrard St., Winchester, VA.
Worcester Lunch Car Company
Produced over 600 diners between 1906 and 1957
1950 Ann's Diner (now Pat's Diner) 11 Bridge Road (US 1) in Salisbury, MA., USA.
Boulevard Diner Yelp 155 Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA.
1922 Casey's Diner Yelp 36 South Avenue in Natick, MA.
806 1947 Central Diner (now Liberty Elm) Yelp 777 Elmwood Avenue, Providence RI. NPS
660 Chadwick Square Diner Yelp 95 Prescott Street (rear) in Worcester, MA.
1929 Champs Diner Website Pawtucket, RI
1952 Jack's Diner Website 901 Main Street in Woburn, MA.
826 1947 Jigger's Diner Yelp East Greenwich, RI
1941 Miss Florence Diner Website 99 Main Street, Northampton, MA.
815 Miss Toy Town Diner (Blue Moon Diner) Website 102 Main Street in Gardner, MA.
812 1948 Miss Worcester Diner Yelp 302 Southbridge Street in Worcester, MA.
1940 Monarch Diner (Owl Diner) Website 246 Appleton Street in Lowell, MA.
1941 The Rosebud Website 381 Summer Street in Somerville, MA.
1947 South Street Diner Yelp 178 Kneeland St. Boston, MA 02111 (was Blue Diner)
846 1953 State Line Diner Yelp Foster, RI
1940 Whit's Diner 184A Fountain Street in Framingham, MA.
1949 Wilson's Diner Website 507 Main Street (US Route 20) in Waltham, MA.
1954 (Fodero Dining Car Company) Agawan Diner Yelp 166 Newburyport Turnpike, Rowley, MA
1992 Betsy's Diner Yelp 457 Main Street, Falmouth, MA.
Was Peter Pan Diner (1956-1989) from Allentown, PA.
1938 (Fodero Dining Car Company) Caesar's Wind Gap Diner - 1041 S Broadway, Wind Gap, PA 18091
1928 (J. G. Brill Company) Capitol Diner Yelp 431 Union St., Lynn, MA
1936 Don's Diner Yelp 121 S Street, Plainville, MA 02762
1893 Haven Brothers Diner -
Hometown Diner Yelp 1421 Nh Rt 119, Rindge, NH 03461
1940 Sterling Streamliner
(John B Judkins)
Modern Diner Website Yelp 364 East Avenue, Pawtucket, RI.
(Original location: 13 Dexter Street) NRHP-1978
2004 Mount Joy Diner Yelp 302 West Main Street, Mount Joy, PA.
Was Trivet Diner (1980-2003) from Allentown, PA.
1956-1989 Peter Pan Diner - 5631 West Tilghman Street, Allentown, PA.
Moved to Falmouth, MA. Restored and reopened as Betsy's Diner, 457 Main Street.
(Kullman Dining Car Company)
Poirier's Diner
Providence, RI.
- Originally located at 579-581 Atwells Avenue.
Moved to 1380 Westminster Street in 2011.
Reopened as the West Side Diner in 2013.
1941-2013 Sterling Streamliner
(John B Judkins)
Salem Diner - 70 1/2 Loring Ave., Salem, MA
Purchased by Salem State University, reopened 2014.
2006 Sawyers Yelp 210 North 2d Street, Harrisburg, PA.
Was Tom Sawyer Diner (1962-2002) from Allentown, PA.
Seaplane Diner Yelp 307 Allens Ave, Providence, RI 02905
1960 Sunrise Diner Yelp 1401 South 4th Street Allentown, PA.
1962-2002 Tom Sawyer Diner - 4441 Hamilton Boulevard Allentown, PA.
Sold and moved to 210 North 2d Street, Harrisburg, PA. Opened as Sawyers
1951 DeRaffele Star Diner Yelp Newport, RI
Old: 1980-2003
Trivet Diner Yelp 4549 West Tilghman Street, Allentown, PA.
Old diner sold and moved to 302 West Main Street, Mount Joy, PA. as Mount Joy Diner.
1947 West Side Diner Yelp (closed) 701 North 19th Street, Allentown, PA.
2013 West Side Diner Yelp 1380 Westminster Street, Providence, RI.
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